Fifty years in the business. This is the prestigious milestone achieved by Torronalba, leading manufacturers of confectionery and semi-processed products for ice-cream and pastry .

Fifty years during which the Alba-based company, a focal point for the confectionery industry in Piedmont, has grown, developed and expanded to the point of becoming a major promoter of food culture in Italy and in the world.

Set up around the end of the 1960s to manufacture and sell confectionery and semi-finished products for ice-cream parlours and patisseries, over the years Torronalba’s business grew beyond every expectation, leading the company to move at the end of the ‘80s from its historic headquarters in Alba to a larger site in Piobesi d'Alba, where 7.500 highly colourful sqm paint an excellent picture of what Torronalba is all about.

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